“I love to find the beauty in everyday objects”, a famous quote by Dale Chihuly. So simple yet a challenging advice to follow on a daily basis. There are museums that are representations of their founders, the people behind the scenes. We love to visit and to write about these museums, or better say – passions and dreams of the visionaries that ended up creating cultural spaces to admiration and exploration. Chihuly Gardens in Seattle is one of those museums. It’s a manifestation of ones creative practice and talent. And, of course, passion.

Dale Chihuly is a glass sculptor known for his surrealistic glass sculptures. His works were shown in Victoria&Albert, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, New York Botanical Garden and more. Chihuly Gardens and a Glasshouse are located in the cultural centre of Seattle, right by the Space Needle and EMP. We strongly advise you to see the art on view, it’s truly captivating and mesmerizing. Apart from creating art, Chihuly has been collecting it throughout the years, therefore the Collections Café is worth visiting. Café is located on the right from the Chihuly Gardens entrance. You won’t miss it. Beautiful glass building and a green house terrace is very inviting.

The Collections Café features 28 collections from Dale Chihuly. Café is a museum. A rare example of museum experience when you’ll stay happy with the visit even if you can’t make it to the museums (mind the line ups). The non-conventional design of the café adds to the culinary experiences. Every table is a work of art on its own: under the glass – a collection of ceramic dogs, or rare inkwells, vintage Christmas ornaments, toy soldiers (our favourite), African necklaces and more. You won’t get bored while waiting for the menu. The best way to explore every single collection on view at the Collections Café, is to come here on a daily basis asking the waiter to sit you on a different table. The Décor of the café is a piece of art. On the ceiling – dozens of accordions…. As for the menu: the food is simple but very well cooked. Collections Café is a very nice spot both for coffee and brunch as well as dinner. The menu offers a wide selection of local wines, mainly from Washington and Oregon. We strongly recommend trying their daily specials.