This is museums like you’ve never seen before. Welcome to Museeum.

Museeum is here to shake up the way the world views museums. Created and curated by art professionals and lovers from around the globe, the cultural hub proves there’s so much more to museums than just the art and artefacts adorning the walls.

Join us as we explore everything about the world’s most magnificent museums – from the mind-blowing architecture, amazing food, unconventional shopping and breathtaking gardens – Museeum goes beyond the art and unlocks new ways of enjoying everything museums have to offer.

Forget what you know about museums. We’re rebelling against exclusivity within the cultural world and proving museums are not just for one clique. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, a first-timer or an old-timer, the world is full of the most awe-inspiring, eyebrow raising museums, and there is something out there for everyone. Museeum exists to help you See, Taste, Touch, Breathe and Listen differently in art spaces.

#thisismuseum is about exploring museums in an entirely new way.

#thisismuseum from around the world, in all their glory.

#thisismuseum and everything that comes within it – from the collections, to the architecture and the au d'oeuvres.

Happy exploring.