A breathtaking view and mind-blowing flavors are combined in this restaurant to indulge all your senses at once. Michelin-awarded Hytra, is located in the upper floors of the Onassis Cultural Center, aka Stegi, and offers a peak into the Acropolis, the Athenian coast and the city lights.

Stegi is a cultural center that has shaped the contemporary Athenian art world over the last few years. Its innovative productions, exhibitions, concerts and theatrical plays, along with its worldwide collaboration, has turned it into a hotspot for everything artistic. In this vibe, its restaurant is no exception. Located on the sixth floor and the terrace, Hytra combines all the elements that compose the OCC with Mediterranean and Western cuisine. The plan is simple: you enjoy a play and then go up to have a drink or dine while discussing art or simply enjoying the view.

Why Hytra? Hytra in Greek describes the ancient Greek terracotta vase that people used to cook in. In keeping its connection with antiquity, the original restaurant was created in 2004 and located in Psirri, a neighborhood at the old center of Athens. In 2010, Hytra got its Michelin star which has been kept ever since. In 2012, it expanded to the Westin Resort in Athens and was awarded a second Michelin star under the name “Blue Hytra.” After raving reviews, it kept its star and moved to its new artsy home on the last floors of Stegi, redesigned by the award-winning architectural firm Divercity. The firm, inspired by the indignity of the menu, transformed the central bar which is the main place of interaction and socializing. The idea came from the wicker baskets that farmers used during harvest. The willow branches are woven giving a primitive vibe (and a bit tropical) to the elegant interior design. This weaving is back lit a node to the theatre and the innovative productions presented in Stegi. The subtle lighting resembles the shell of the building that make it seem transparent.

The seventh floor welcomes visitor during the warm months of the year revealing an incredible outdoor setting with a panoramic view of the Acropolis, Lycebettus Hill and the city skyline, thus making it a romantic spot and a breezy getaway from the warm Greek weather.

The philosophy of the restaurant is to provide authentic tastes through Greek raw ingredients in a cozy, hospitable and aesthetically pleasing environment. Because of this, it is always in line with the cultural activity of Stegi, without losing its initial identity.

That being said, Hytra presents dishes in a contemporary and experimental way. The flavors are an ode to the rich cultural heritage of Greek gastronomy with a modern take. This led to the creation of two separate menus that embody the values of the restaurant, but offer different approaches to Greek cuisine and, of course, aim to satisfy all tastes. Both menus change constantly and are based on domestic raw ingredients and recipes.

The Hytra Gourmet is the sophisticated menu. Created by the chef Tassos Mantis, it’s the embodiment of the modernization of Greek culinary culture. The aesthetically pleasing dishes are executed in a way that allows them to either stand alone, or as a part of a tasting menu.

The Hytra Apla (meaning Hytra Simple) is a menu that made its debut in 2013 and was also created by chef Tassos Mantis, but in collaboration with the chef Chrysanthos Karamolegos. The menu changes twice a year and is a street food version of the restaurant’s vision at prices for those who perhaps cannot afford fine dining and also to attract the younger audience of Stegi.

If you still are not convinced, there is always the bar. Traditional flavors are again primary materials. The Mediterranean and oriental influences in Greek flavors come in the form of herbs and spices here, mixed with syrups, liqueurs and brandies and fresh juices. The drinks here are always in the line of traditional with a modern twist to complement Hytra’s menu.

With a variety of plates, drinks and prices it lives up to its hype. So, do not hesitate to drop by even for a drink. Everything here is calculated to impress you! Now that the weather has warmed up, this restaurant offers the ideal getaway from a hectic life! Besides, who wouldn’t want to fine dine and glimpse into a beautiful city landscape?