It is the happiest season of all!! Christmas markets, decorated streets and trees adding to the cozy vibe of Christmas. But we would lie if we said it were all rainbows and reindeer. This holiday is always connected with a little bit of stress isn’t it? - What gift do I get for my mother? How do I outdo last years' decoration? And the questions continue…

There truly are no limits to the creativity that possesses you during the Christmas season, however a little help is always welcome! We took the liberty to put together our personal favorites when it comes to a perfect Christmas gift for Home. Decorations, unique kitchen utensils and more were gathered from various museums around London including Tate, Imperial War Museums, Royal Academy of Arts and Natural History Museum, with Santa’s help of course! He approves.

Festive Kitchen:

Let’s start with items that aren’t only beautiful to look at but also helpful when preparing cookies and festive feasts! Who said kitchen utensils and accessories can’t be fun?!

These beautiful and sleek items can be found in the Natural History Museum Shop and the Royal Academy. But other than good looking accessories for the kitchen we also found items such as cook books and aprons that can inspire your everyday cooking.

Adding a little bit of art and fun into the kitchen environment and, of course, tea time is always great! We found salt and pepper pots in the shape of these adorable bulldogs and outrageously gorgeous Espresso cups with a sublte hint of modern art.

Inspiring furniture items for an inpising year:

Of course you're not meant to spend the entire Christmas season in the kitchen! But believe it or not we've also found some extremely beautiful furniture items in the museum shops that can add unique character into your home. Accent furniture with colorful prints, or artist inspired pillows to bring your furniture to life. You'd be surprised. We absolutely fell in love with the pillows and if we could we would have packed them all up immediately.

The art of home:

Every loving home has personal touches that bring it to life and give it its very own unique character. We all like to decorate with works of art and small accent pieces that are one of a kind, and better yet hard to find, giving us a a sense of pride and accomplishment. Well we can assure you, spend some time roaming around these museum shops and you will find what you're looking for. The museum shops we visited will equally surprise you and keep you coming back for more.

We found beautiful candle holders that will add color and texture to any home interior and, of course, some seasonal decoration for your Christmas tree.

Now, if you are an avid art enthusiast and would like to start your very own collection during Christmas with some beautiful and unique items found in museum shops we suggest that you begin with these incredible skateboard inspired by some of the most famous artists ever! We sure wouldn't mind finding one of those wrapped under our tree.