Christmas is filled with beautiful moments, traditions, feelings and yes... gifts! Spending this wonderful season with family and loved ones is really what this holiday is all about in our opinion. However picking the right gift for men in the house isn't always as easy as you initially think. We've heard it so many times that "Men are so easy to shop for!" or "Oh, I'll just figure something out it's not that difficult."Well let me tell you something, it's difficult!! Firstly, most stores generally have so much more choices for women and children, rarely do you find an item for him that really stands out and makes you jump for joy.

We accepted the challenge and snooped around the museum shops of the Imperial War Museums, Royal Academy of Arts, Natural History Museum and Tate in London. Spoiler Alert! We jumped for joy several times when we found quirky accessories for your lovely Gentlemen as well as classic timeless pieces for their holiday ensemble.

Let's take a look of what we found for the fashionable gents out there, that deserve some unique and classy pieces under the tree with their names on it!

Accessorize it:

Apart from the classic gifts with a twist, like the amazing cuff links and watch, we also found some more quirky and fun items for him to accessorize his Christmas outfit with. We loved the fact that men's fashion items could be combined with art and color as well and still keep its classy and manly look. Men just wanna have fun too!

For looking more well-groomed than a Christmas tree:

We had so much fun picking our favorite gifts for him from these amazing museum shops! Other than these great fashion accessories and items we also found some options for our lovely gentlemen for their grooming and well being. And let's not kid ourselves we all like a well groomed and good-smelling man in the house, especially around Christmas time.

Old school shaving sets and deliciously smelling cologne and shaving creams are always a hit when it comes to Christmas gifts for him. However, we also want to create the perfect and most relaxing atmosphere for our beloved gents during the festive season. While grooming and getting ready for a night out, why not create a soothing mood with some Bourbon candles ?! umm yes please.

Play me:

When it comes to looking for Christmas gifts for men in our lives often we think of what gadgets are new and 'in' right now, don't we? Well we have found some fabulous alternatives to put under the tree. Fun little games for any gentleman to carry around and enjoy or great takes on classic board games that will bring out a boy in any man.