It's beginning to feel a lot like Holiday Season and we thought we'd help you pick gifts for your family, friends and beloved ones from our favorite shopping destinations - museums. Be it a designer piece of jewelry, an artistic print, a book or a toy, museum stores offer simply the best variety to please everyone's tastes. Our team went exploring the most interesting London museums and selected presents for Kids, for Home, for Her and for Him. Here, our Kids editor Esther Jun, shares her favorite finds for the little ones from Tate, Imperial War Museums, Royal Academy of Arts and Natural History Museum to encourage all sorts of creative expression, learning and play.

I am so impressed at the quality of selections from these museum stores. I selected specific items that my almost 3 and almost 5 year old children would absolutely love, but I know that any child would feel the same way. I love items that encourage imaginative play, creative expression, strategy like puzzles and games, encourage outdoor play and unique products that are visually stimulating.

I hope that these personal favorites for the little ones inspire you.

Creative Expression:

I love products which encourage kids to personalize toys and practical objects. Fun and unique coloring/drawing utensils are great for enticing creative kids. These selections are so delightful, a blank canvas with endless possibilities!

Imaginative Play:

There is nothing like watching your little ones in the heat of imaginative play. It is so amazing what crazy and fun things come out of these little brains. It never ceases to inspire me as a parent, reminding me to also think outside the box and to be more bold and brave in my own life.


I think there a wealth of skillsets come from playing games and putting together puzzles. It is a great way to build strategy and problem solving skills, and allow kids to use their own creativity to come to their own solutions. These gifts present great ideas for just that.

Encourage Outdoor Play:

With all the technology and other amazing tools for kids to learn from, it’s easy to forget that sunshine and natural elements are essential to their well being. I appreciate these gift ideas which encourage playing outdoors.

Colour Changing Umbrella, £17.50, Tate,
Colour Changing Umbrella, £17.50, Tate,

Visually Stimulating:

As a lover of art and being a very visual person myself I like to surround myself with every day objects that are visually stimulating. Since kids are inherently learn so much from visual stimuli around them, I feel that it’s a great benefit to have objects around that raises questions and excite the mind. Here are some favorites.