Here at Museeum, we write a lot about education and public programs in museums. A big part of it is an exploration of current trends in engaging larger audiences. It is fascinating to observe how museums have changed their approach to public programming. A museum is no longer [just] a museum, but also a theater, a dance floor, and a stage.

Here's a small selection of books about dance and performance, perhaps the most controversial and definitely influential art forms of the 20th century. In addition to such must-reads as William Forsythe's and Marina Abramovic's biographies, we included books without which this list would be incomplete. Among our favorites - "Dance with Camera" - is a book that features works by artists who explored the relationship between performance and its documentation. "Soundings: a Contemporary Score" is an exhibition catalogue published by MoMA to celebrate the self-titled exhibition, which featured works by some of the most outstanding sound artists such as Carsten Nicolai, Tristan Perich, Jana Winderen, Haroon Mirza and more.