Be it on the beach, surrounded by the lush greenery, underneath the stars in the mountains, with a cup of coffee at a fave local cafe or simply on a cosy couch, we will definitely be indulging in some arty reading this summer. If you, like us, feel like having a little break from serious theoretical reading, and instead hope to enjoy some thought provoking and at times emotional fiction which has an art side to it, this reading list curated by our team is simply perfect for you!

Whether you want to get to know those mystical characters behind world famous paintings, re-imagine the life paths of outstanding artists, fictional and real, or simply travel through cities and times along with the most talented creators and visionaries in the artistic field, we've got you covered.

Choose your fave readings from our list and don't forget, when it comes to books overweight baggage is always worth it! A little Museeum moto for your summer adventures!