Museeum Bookshop offers a selection of the most thought-provoking, beautifully designed and fascinating publications on museology, art, culture, design and architecture, critical theory and more. Here, you will find monthly collections of the most compelling publications by the best publishers and authors, carefully selected by most prominent experts in the field just for you. Here at Museeum, we collaborate with writers, curators, cultural managers, architects, designers, artists, scientists and museum professionals.

We truly believe that a book is a piece of art, a recollection and a revelation, a design object, an experience, a history, a museum. A book is to be read, seen, touched and even smelled.

This month, we present a selection of 10 books about the 5 senses and their relationship with art. Ossian Ward in his "Ways of Looking: How to experience contemporary art" gives advice to not be intimidated by the complexity of contemporary art. Rather than trying to apprehend it, Ward encourages to observe and experience it.

Visionaire Publishing, with its renowned publication "Taste," continues the series of publications devoted to the 5 senses. In "Taste," world-famous artists and musicians like Yoko Ono and Elton John meet the team of the International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF). This collaboration ends with producing 12 original flavors exclusively for Visionaire.

Pick a book that appeals to you most and join us on our journey of exploring 5 senses!